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For our 4oz soaps, we use only natural ingredients. All of our fragrances are pure essential oils (plant extracts) and our colorants are herbs. Our company does not use any synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives in any of our soaps.

Black Tea Tree

Our 4oz Black Soaps are inspired by traditional African Black Soap, this bar contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and plantain leaf, but it is made with our soap base for good lather and longevity. Cacao and citrus oils balance the tea tree for a complex, earthy scent profile.


Our 4oz Lemongrass soap is a best-selling bar, equally popular among men and women. Six essential oils – including bergamot, lime, lemongrass, and sage – make for a potent blend that doesn't overwhelm and can't ever really be forgotten.

Blood Orange 

Our 4oz soaps are made with 85% organic ingredients. The Blood Orange Soap has a  unique twist on citrus! Blood orange essential oil blends with the complexity of bergamot for a smooth, light, and citrusy bar. 


Our 4oz Lavender Soap is scented with plenty of pure lavender and lavandin essential oils, natural relaxants that contribute to an overall calming experience. It's earthy and floral all at once. 


Our 4oz Oatmeal Soaps are rich, moisturizing bars. We’ve loaded them with a perfect balance of shea butter, honey, and finely ground oatmeal to fit all skin types. As a lightly scented bar,it works for our sensitive skin customers.


Our 4oz Peppermint Soaps are sharp and invigorating, good to use to clean your skin anytime you want a fresh morning wake-up or a relaxing tone-down before bed. A blend of pure mint essential oils combines with organic peppermint leaf to create this invigorating soap. We added menthol for an extra touch of peppermint.


Our 4oz Grapefruit soap is amazing! Pink grapefruit essential oil is at once brilliant, deep, and refreshing, perfect for a shower or bath at any time of day or any season. It's a mild, pure pink grapefruit scent. 

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