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Our Body Butters are made up of more than 88% Shea Butter and natural carrier oils, creating a dense formula that goes a long way. We source all of our ingredients from Fair Trade Suppliers, and our products are manufactured in our Michigan factory. While we are proud to have landed on the shelves of Whole Foods in 2014, we now exclusively sell online.

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Body Butter and Lotion? The secret lies in the composition. Our Body Butter uses rich ingredients such as Shea butter and natural oils, providing a moisturizing effect without the addition of water, unlike lotions.

Our moisturizing Body Butter has a Shea Butter base and is infused with Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed, and Vitamin E, helping to keep skin hydrated in both hot summers and cold winters. Our fragrances are naturally derived, and we also offer an unscented option for those with sensitive skin.