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Our moisturizing Body Butters are composed of over 88% Shea Butter and natural carrier oils. Our Body Butters are dense and a little definitely goes a long way. We source all of our ingredients from Fair Trade Suppliers. Our products are manufactured in our factory in Michigan and although we are proud of landing the shelves of Whole Foods in 2014 we now sell exclusively online.
Many people ask "What's the difference between a Body Butter and a Lotion?" The difference between a Body Butter and a Lotion is in the composition. The rich ingredients (oils and natural butters like Shea) provide a moisturizing mixture with the absence of water unlike lotion.
These moisturizing Body Butters have a base of Shea Butter and are infused with Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Grapeseed and Vitamin E to help skin retain moisture during hot summers and cold winters. Our fragrances are naturally derived and we have an unscented option for those with sensitive skin.

  • Tattoo Butter

    $ 27.00

    Michigan-based skincare company CREAM BLENDS partners with Lorri Thomas of LadyL Tattoos on a new moisturizing Tattoo Butter. The two woman-owned b...

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    $ 27.00